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Discover why thousands of Baseball Coaches and Hitters trust their swing with Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault
  •  100+ Professional Hitting Drills and Instructional Videos
  •  Same program Coach Lisle uses with MLB hitters
  •  Swing30: Guided 30 Day Step-by-Step Hitting Plan
  •  The Hitting Clinic: Unlocking your most Powerful Swing with 45 minute Lesson
  •  SwingBuild: Learn Six Phases of an Elite Swing
  •  SwingFit Strength Training Program
  •  Exclusive Access: Access to Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault Coaching Staff
Make Coach Matt Lisle your Hitting Coach
Coach Lisle has coached hitting at every level from youth ball to the professional level. Coach Lisle has coached D1 Baseball and Softball.
He is currently the a Hitting Instructor for the Chicago White Sox.

Thousands of coaches have join Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault
and now you can too for an AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE… just 54 cents a day.
The Hitting Vault will Unlock Your Power at the Plate!
We created The Hitting Vault for players
and coaches who want to go to the next level.
  •  The highest quality instruction - and TONS of it - from Coach Matt Lisle who is hitting instructor with the Chicago White Sox
  •  Your proven step-by-step plan to help athletes create and elite swing with lethal bat speed.
  •  Coaches: Run engaging, high-energy hitting practice that players love.
Yes, you could spend hours digging through hitting drills and "interesting" philosophies from “experts” on YouTube. They don’t have a path or a plan you can follow. So, that’s why we created The Hitting Vault so you can take the next step as a hitter or a coach and that’s for only 54 cents a day!
Let me detail what's included with your Hitting Vault Membership:
→ Swing30 Day-by-Day Lessons
Swing 30 will be your step-by-step, day-by-day guide as we take you through 30 days of working through your swing and learning how to unlock your most powerful swing. This is ideal for athletes and coaches that are just starting hitting instruction. 

Value $99/year (included)
→ SwingBuild™ Program
The swing broken-down into 6 Phases. Videos teach phase of the swing from Grip, Stance, Load, Stride & Separation, Swing Path and Finish. A family of hitting drills go with each phase. This is exactly what we coach our MLB players, but easy to understand for athletes of all ages.

Value $199/year (included)
→ The Hitting Vault Hitting Clinic
The all-new Hitting Clinic that’s a 45 minute class, where Coach Lisle walks you through the swing from A - Z. Lisle teaches stride, the load process and the different swing paths. He explains why the swing path you’ll learn with The Hitting Vault is the elite swing path. 

Value $197/year (included)
→ SwingFit™ - Strength & Conditioning Training
The Hitting Vault now has two guided 8-week strength and conditioning programs: SwingFit™ and SwingFit Elite™ designed and taught but renown fitness trainer Coach Stav. To hit for power you need two things: Great body movements and bat speed and strength.

Value $179 (included)
PLUS 11 of Our Most Popular
Video Training Programs and Guides!

1→ Bat Speed Training Program

The #1 game changer. Increase your bat speed with a program with proven success. Overload / Underload plan helps athletes develop lethal bat speed. Includes bat speed training program and hacks.
Value $99/year (PDF included) 

2→ Flaws and Fixes Training Modules

We can fix your swing by diagnosing the problem: Timing issues, Rolling Over, Lunging, Little or No Weight Transfer, Anchored or Stuck on back side, Bat Wrapping, Weak movement in load/stride or No Hip Rotation.
Value $99/year (included)

3→ Access to Video Swing Analysis

Only members get access to purchase our custom Video Swing Analysis. No matter what your issue is, our coaching staff will review your swing and provide a training plan to unlock your most powerful swing
(access included) 

4→ Young Athlete Drills

Younger athletes and youth coaches find it helpful to see the drills our professional athletes do demonstrated by younger athletes. This includes Half Turns, Stride Drill, Resisted Separation Drill, Pool Noodle Drill, Bat Path Drill, See Saw Drill, Slow to Fast Drill, Track and Catch Drill and Controlled Fall Drill
Value $119/year (included)

5→ SwingBuild™ Guide

Start Here! The definitive guide to maximize your Hitting Vault Membership. Includes where to start and a training plan when going through the 6 phases of the SwingBuild Program.
Value $27.99 (PDF included)

6→ Game Day Guide

Coach Lisle's ultimate guide preparing hitters for Game Day. This book focuses on the mental approach to hitting in games as well as many practical suggestions for preparation for Game Day. Includes additional game day eating suggestions.
Value $27.99 (PDF included)

7→ Exit Speed 101 Guide

Exit Speed is one of the most useful hitting metrics. This guide explains the proper way to measure Exit Speed, and gives helps set Exit Speed goals based on age, size and level.
Value $27.99 (PDF included)

8→ Coaches Only: Private Facebook Group

Exclusive access to The Hitting Vault Coaching Staff through our invite-only Private Coaches Only Facebook group. Join the most active community discussing hitting across youth, high school, college and professional level. Moderated by Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault coaching staff.
Value $179/year (included)

9→ Coaches Only: Team Hitting Plan

Coach Lisle’s comprehensive team hitting plan for advanced Softball and Baseball. Hitting stations and guidance on training strategy and practice plan that saves coaches time and headaches.
Value $99/year (PDF included)

10→ Coaches Only: Pre-Game Team Hitting

The Hitting Vault guide of how coaches can capture that important time before a game to get their athletes mentally and physically focused. This guide helps you get creative with the limited space and field time you have at tournaments and travel ball games.
Value $99/year (PDF included)

11→ Coaches Only: SwingFit™ Team Strength Training

This is the resource that enables you to take your whole team through SwingFit and SwingFit Elite. Daily and weekly workout plans designed to print and distribute across teams and organizations to promote accountability to strength and conditioning program Designed and demonstrated by Coach Stav.
Value $99/year (PDF included)
One of the Greatest Bargains in Baseball Hitting Instruction
If you purchased each program in your Hitting Vault membership individually they would cost you $1,522.99 a year
So for incredible value we normally price our memberships at $478 PRO and $678 COACH.

When you become a member of the Hitting Vault now you’ll receive everything above, with a price locked for: 
$199 PRO (billed annually) or $299 COACH (billed annually)
That’s as little as 54 cents a day for everything in a PRO membership with The Hitting Vault
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You can Unlock the Power in Your Swing
We believe that every athlete has the ability to unlock a powerful swing. It doesn’t matter your size doesn’t matter.
If you are dedicated to working through our plan you can learn hit the ball so far your teammate’s jaws will drop.

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Hard work works!
Coach Matt Lisle 

Co-Founder of The Hitting Vault
Hitting Instructor, Chicago White Sox
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Daniel Descalso, IF Chicago Cubs, World Series Champion

Now I take the swing I want with every at bat. I brought Coach Lisle in because of
his knowledge of swing mechanics and his attention to detail. I love the results.

Keith Beauregard, Assistant Baseball Coach, Santa Clara University

Coach Lisle does a fantastic job of articulating such a complex movement by using efficient terminology and tactical queues. Definitely someone leading the charge in the hitting evolution.

Jake McKinley, Head Coach, William Jessup University

Coach Matt Lisle is undoubtedly one of the top hitting minds in the game today. The Hitting Vault, is not only contemporary and supported by science, but he's able to convey his message to students in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Mitch Haniger, OF Seattle Mariners, All-Star

I know that there are MLB players that have really had there swing revamped by Lisle. I’m one of them. Matt helped me a ton.
"This is probably the best use of $ a kid could ever spend for hitting education. My personal favorite web resource. I've been a member since the beta release...If the entire internet crashed but I could save one site of my choosing, I would save The Hitting Vault."

Mike Travigila, Baseball Coach, Lancing, MI
"Jake is now so athletic and balanced. Thanks Matt, Jake has come a long way. Jake just looks like he is going to put a perfect swing on each pitch he swings at."

Henry Gatewood, father of Jacob Gatewood, Milwaukee Brewers
"Coach the Game Day Guide was an excellent read. You are my number one source for baseball. Thanks again for always responding and giving your feedback. Believe it or not, you make me a much better coach."

Jay SpahIinger, Pasadena, MD 
"If you have a game today, stop what you are doing and read The Hitting Vault's Game Day Guide NOW! A 20 minute investment that'll pay immediate dividends at the plate."

Coach Shawn Stolte, Huxley, IA
“I highly recommend anything that Coach Lisle's stamp is on! The Hitting Vault has high level hitting instruction that is simplified for anyone at any level. I am always looking for great hitting coaches to validate what I do on a daily basis. Coach Lisle is that guy!”

Derrick Brown, Head Coach, Olivet College
“I think Matt Lisle is one of the top hitting coaches in our game today. I look forward to implementing the drills in The Hitting Vault into our program on a daily basis.”

Kevin Blaskowski, Head Coach, West Texas A&M
“I would go as far to say that Coach Lisle is a better teacher of hitting than 95% of the coaches in pro ball, including the guys in the big leagues.”

Carl Nichols, Former Houston Astros, MLB Urban Youth Academy
“I 100% recommend the hitting vault. You will have immediate access to excellent coaching through print, video, and counseling. We implemented the swing-build system to our high school Varsity baseball team and we more than doubled our doubles and triples, set records for runs scored and slugging percentage.”

Michael Burkett, Head Coach
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